Authors Gabriel Horn and Amy Krout-Horn

Amy & Gabe & Ishtazi

When we stand before an audience, presenting lessons on Native American history, culture, and spirituality, we acknowledge their power. As we dream the dreams that become the lines, that weave our stories together; we feel their power.

It is through the potency of our written words that we met, found love, and collaborate our creative skills. Together, we continue on our path, always striving to educate, enlighten, and engage others, whom we meet on this journey. Drawing strength from the wisdom of our ancestors, and from traditional Native American voices of the past and present, we wish to share philosophical knowledge with those who are compelled to live more harmoniously with our environment, those who love the Earth and recognize her as “Mother,” and those who feel the connective strands between themselves and the universe.

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“…The book gives voice to past truth and hopefully prompts thought change for a future that nourishes the spirit of all the Children of the Earth…” - Barbara Schoenbeck, Ph.D. Professor of Education, Concordia University, St. Paul MN 

“… here we have a book that could well be used to shatter those symbolic chains fettering not only the individual, but also nations!” - Sam Gilliland, renowned Scottish poet, recipient of the MacDiarmid Tassie (Goblet) 2009 – Resides in Stranraer, Scotland 

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“…rendered in language so beautiful  that it fills up the empty spaces in our collective souls.”  - Dr. Roy Peter Clark, Vice president, senior scholar, Poynter Institute for Media Studies

“…a journey into the heart of the Mystery as seen through native eyes. Stirringly  powerful and beautifully written..." - Stephan Martin, author Cosmic Conversations 


"Like fellow mixed-blood genius Langston Hughes, Amy Krout-Horn plumbs the depths of the sorrows of her preferred ethnicity.. As Hughes did for black writers, and Plath did for feminists, Amy Krout-Horn raises the literary standard for Native American authors everywhere.."      - Evan T. Pritchard, author No Word for Time, the Way of the Algonquin People, Adjunct Professor, Pace University

"...a must-read for anyone impacted by diabetes…"   -Jolene Loetscher,JDRF South Dakota, Media Chair

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"It's a poetic and lyrical dance, a continual weaving and reweaving of the micro and macro." - Dr. Keith Macnider

"Fantastic! After reading this book I want to find a place where I can sit and listen to all of these authors while they tell all their stories. This anthology opened the universe and all that I have missed growing up this far without these stories, poems, essays, etc. Past present and future do meld in the universe to teach us from one generation to another, and I must admit I had/have a world of knowledge to learn, share and create." - Deborah Bowles

Created by Alexis Horn | 2015